What is Marinade ?

Marinade.Finance is a non-custodialliquid staking protocol built on Solana. You can stake your SOL tokens with Marinade using automated staking strategies and receive «marinated SOL» tokens (mSOL) that you can use in decentralized finance (DeFi).

The price of mSOL goes up relative to SOL each epoch with rewards being accrued into the underlying staked SOL.

You can withdraw your SOL at any time by unstaking and waiting for the unlock period (1-2 epochs) or immediately with a small fee (see our FAQ). You can also directly exchange between mSOL and SOL on secondary markets at the current rate.

Marinade uses open-source code to compute a “score” awarded to validators based on performance, commission and decentralization objectives. For example, a validator will get points added for good performance, low delinquency and low commission, but will get all points deducted if it’s already one of the top concentrated validators (measured by stake) in the Solana ecosystem.

Based on points received, validators are automatically awarded a percentage of the total stake. As users stake and unstake, Marinade bot distributes stake and unstake operations as to match staked percentage with score (i.e. changes in score are slowly applied as users stake and unstake).

Stake Solana without locking in your fund with Marinade