Delegation strategy

EverSOL stake pool excludes so-called super-minority group that together control more than 33% of the total stake. We have been developing a delegation strategy that distributes the stake amongst the pool validators based on their performance score.

At the moment, EverSOL follows a simplified strategy version: we evaluate the validator’s commission, skipped slot, and APY parameters and then select validators based on the following criteria:

  • Does not belong to the top-25 validators
  • Last epoch stake size exceeds 1,000 SOL
  • Commission is < 7%
  • Skipped slot < 10

Then, the obtained list of validators is being sorted again, this time by APY. The final list includes TOP-25 validators (by the highest APY). The stake pool manager rebalances validators’ shares according to their rank (read more in the Docs). We have developed scripts to monitor validators’ performance to avoid stake allocation to inactive ones or those whose performance would decrease drastically.

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