Why JPool?

You don’t need to analyze and compare validators, then keep monitoring those you’ve picked: We use a sophisticated scoring strategy in order to achieve smart, optimal distribution of SOL stake between all validator nodes participating in the pool. Constant monitoring of all nodes enables the algorithm to proactively identify possible node performance gaps and redistribute the stake to other validators, ensuring top overall returns in every epoch.

JPool uses a smart strategy that selects top-performance validators to ensure maximum APY for the pool’s delegators, while avoiding the ones with high concentration of stake.The stake is then distributed based on several parameters aiming to improve Solana blockchain’s decentralization and stability:

  • Validator’s stake volume
  • Total stake in the same ASN and data center
  • Total stake in the same country

The smart algorithm tracks performance and fee for every validator and performs stake redistribution as needed, optimizing rewards by leveraging staking/withdrawal events instead of deactivating pool’s staked SOL.

Stake with JPool