What is Socean?

Socean (SO—shen, rhymes with Ocean) is a suite of win-win DeFi products on Solana.

We have two core products (with more to come):

  • Socean Stake: a stake pool with the best delegation strategy and highest risk-free APYs.
  • Socean Streams: a marketplace for governance token streams (locked tokens that unlock over time).

Our promise is to give you the best yields on Solana.

For more details, check out our Mission, Vision and Values. Also look at our Roadmap for our upcoming plans.

They combine analysis of validator performance with financial and economic theory (mean-variance analysis, expected utility theory) to maximise APY, minimise rewards variance, and improve network health. 

In the future, they will produce reports for the community to gain insight into their data analyses, highlight trends in validator and cluster performance, and shed light on updates to their allocation logic. 

Stake with Socean Stake